Beta Now Available

Are you a Mental Health Professional?

We are currently seeking mental health professionals to test the Beta version of Insight Kompanion. Contact us to apply.

Insight Kompanion 

The Insight Kompanion is a mental health project management, accountability, and coaching tool. Providing tools for professionals and individuals.

Affirmations and Quotes automated

Free Webinars on Kompanion and its various Modules

Support Blog

Gamification activities



Insight Kompanion

Journal with Prompts/Non-Promp

Mood Tracker

HIPAA Compliant Direct Messaging between Professionals

Activity Lists or Prepared Templates

Reminders for the client or professional to follow up with a task.

therapisr kompanion

Professional Kompanion 

The application is geared to mental health professionals as a subscription service with adds modules.


How does a Kompanion help me the professional?

Kompanion empowers the client and encourages collaboration between the counselor, the client and other treatment providers or support persons.

Kompanion offers a tangible tool to measure client progress.

Kompanion’s reminders with affirmations, quotes, and helpful tools increase client accountability and follow through.

Kompanion’s gamification feature offers a secondary reward and goal-based training system for the client.


Increase in communication between providers means a reduction in medical errors.The client has complete control of what and to whom data is shared. The client can revoke access at any time.

The client may take over the subscription to the via the Personal Kompanion.

Emergency resources included with every companion and 1 touch dialing to a suicide hotline, crisis hotlines, and 911.

Kompanion’s cutting-edge contributors offer a diverse collection of therapy styles which offer alternatives to traditional step based recovery and CBT.

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Personal Kompanion

The application is for the general public as a self-help subscriptions service with add-on modules

Individual License

Self Help Focused Modules

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Hero Kompanion

This is the 501c(3) white label module is free to the general public for 14 days and can be available for a free license after they contact the not-for-profit company that sponsors this module.

This Kompanion will have an ad sales piece whereas 5 percent of all the ad sales will go to the charity sponsor of the module and there will be a contribute button for the charity in the app.

The app is disguised as a game thus maintaining safety for the client in need.

self esteem module logo

Industry Kompanion

Contributor: Marketing to the up-and-coming industry leaders, corporations and up-and-coming experts who desire to spread their brand more pervasively than traditional marketing resources.

This option allows experts to earn royalties while offering Kompanion creative and cutting-edge modules and a bonus secondary marketing stream.

White Label: Private Label product for industry leaders who want to purchase their custom software Kompanions.


Lifestyle Kompanion

This application is for to those who participate in alternative lifestyles and offer sexuality and relationship health modules. Inclusion and advocacy are part of our corporate culture and these apps assist in that value. These apps include a subscription service and add-on modules.